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Child’s Play

Here is a great article by Erika Christakis posted on EKidsNews:

“What 1 expert says about play could change your child’s future”

I applaud this writer for addressing this issue and opening up the eyes of many parents to the importance of play. Very young children are being pushed to be more studious. Erika put it in a nutshell when she stated, “This pressure to perform academically is resulting in kindergarten becoming the new first grade and preschool becoming the new kindergarten.”

In the 1990’s in my own hometown, they offered a small magazine within the Sunday newspaper. In a summer issue of this magazine, right before the start of the new school year, an article came out that explained how another kindergarten classroom had to be opened up and the school was working on dividing up the children within these three classrooms. They stated that they were finding large gaps between what some of the children knew, compared to their peers. They went on to further explain that the children who had been in a full-day preschool (where they played and learned all day) had a slight advantage over those children who only went to a half-day program. However, they also pointed out that the children that did not go to any early childhood education program seem to be at a disadvantage compared to their peers. Imagine that. Back then preschools used “play” as the vehicle for learning, and even the town was able to see a big difference in the children. Today, things are different.

Some preschools are pushing academics, rather than play. Some say the reason for this is that the parents believe since they are paying for their child’s early childhood education, they should see some academics in it. However, I believe that technology and computers, as well as, President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind Act” of 2001 had a big impact on the change in preschools. The No Child Left Behind Act required schools to develop assessments in basic skills. It was supposed to be intended for the Elementary and Secondary Education levels, but it trickled down to the preschool level too, and assessments were created for them as well.

I remember working in a wonderful school that was child focused. The teachers would create a lesson plan, but in the meantime, if we saw that the children had an interest and were passionate about something we would change our lesson plan to focus on the children’s interest instead. For instance, one of the children in the classroom was talking about going camping with his parents (something he had never done before), he was so excited for the upcoming event and soon he had all the other children excited about camping and wondering what it was like. So, the next day, we set up a tent and made “a pretend fire”. The kids collected firewood to place over their camp fire and they pretended to cook their meals. They fished in a pretend pond and slept in sleeping bags. They all got to experience what camping would be like, all due to one child’s excitement of going camping with his parents.

What a great learning experience.

We’ve often heard parents say, “Is that all they do is play?” How a teacher cringes to hear these words! Preschool children should play. It is developmentally appropriate and it’s how they learn. They are developing socialization skills, self-control, self-confidence, manners, and creativity. These are the basic skills that they need to master. This concept is sadly getting lost. Erika is right: by making play more important in your young child’s life, you will change their future!

Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!!!!!

As I sit here sweating, I thought it would be a good idea to post some information about heatstroke. Much of the U.S. has been under dangerous heat conditions over the last few weeks. Jo Ann came across this informative article from Alessia Santoro at

The article discusses what signs to look for if your child has heatstroke and what to do. Common sense tips about keeping hydrated and staying inside on intense days are included. If your child is in daycare, you have every right to question whether or not the children will be going out that day and for how long! Ask!!! There are actually some adults who enjoy this muggy mess and may not be using their best judgment. Please check the forecast for the day and if you see a heat or air quality alert be sure to ask what the outdoor plans will be.

No worries here, Jackie is a heat whimp! Stay cool all!


Let’s Avoid This Senseless Tragedy!

Far too many children are dying of heatstroke as a result of being left in a hot vehicle.

This is a tragedy that changes the lives of families forever. In 2016 alone there have been 16 deaths as a result of this! I know, we can sit here and say how can this keep happening and why? But the fact remains, it does happen and we need to take measures to make people more aware and prevent this from happening to any parent or caregiver out there!

So I have always felt  that if you are scheduled to be somewhere and will not be going for some reason then you need to call and say you will not be there.

Simple right? Yes, but people don’t always think that way. So here is a tip that I feel is important.

If your daycare does not already do so, make sure they have a policy that if you do not show up with your child on a scheduled day that they will call you at a certain time to see why your child did not show up. This call should probably go out about 2 hours after the facility opens.

Now think about the tragedies that could have been avoided if this policy was adhered to in all programs. Several stories have involved parents forgetting to drop their child off at daycare and leaving them in the vehicle when they went into work. I always say better safe than sorry and it is so worth taking the time out to go and make that call!

If you would like to read more on this subject, please go to as they are a great resource! They tell you to do simple things like put your briefcase, purse, lunch, cell phone in the backseat with your child or put your child’s supplies, their lunch box and backpack in the front seat as a reminder.

So please let’s all stay safe and have a happy summer!

Sun Sense

It’s summertime and preparing the children for outdoor play can be a daunting task. Warm weather means sunscreen!  Before going outside, teachers usually bring the children to the bathroom first, so as one teacher attends to this, another begins applying the sunscreen.

Let’s be serious for a moment. You know young kids don’t wait patiently. You also know how hard it can be to get your child to stop squirming when you try to get them bathed, dressed, and ready for something. Well, trying to apply sunscreen to a dozen or more children can be a hit or miss task. There are bound to be places that get missed and that becomes obvious when you see the burn marks.

To combat this dilemma, we have asked parents to apply the first application of sunscreen on their children when they get dressed in the morning. This will assure that it is applied more thoroughly.

Lastly, please note that most states require daycares to obtain written permission from parents stating they may apply the sunscreen on their child. And please send in a sunscreen clearly labeled with your child’s name in case it needs to be reapplied later that day. Just remember that applying that first application at home will definitely help protect your child’s delicate skin.

This article by Rebecca Gruber provides suggested sunscreens for children. Due to skin sensitivities we encourage you to try any new products at home first.


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