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Sun Sense

It’s summertime and preparing the children for outdoor play can be a daunting task. Warm weather means sunscreen!  Before going outside, teachers usually bring the children to the bathroom first, so as one teacher attends to this, another begins applying the sunscreen.

Let’s be serious for a moment. You know young kids don’t wait patiently. You also know how hard it can be to get your child to stop squirming when you try to get them bathed, dressed, and ready for something. Well, trying to apply sunscreen to a dozen or more children can be a hit or miss task. There are bound to be places that get missed and that becomes obvious when you see the burn marks.

To combat this dilemma, we have asked parents to apply the first application of sunscreen on their children when they get dressed in the morning. This will assure that it is applied more thoroughly.

Lastly, please note that most states require daycares to obtain written permission from parents stating they may apply the sunscreen on their child. And please send in a sunscreen clearly labeled with your child’s name in case it needs to be reapplied later that day. Just remember that applying that first application at home will definitely help protect your child’s delicate skin.

This article by Rebecca Gruber provides suggested sunscreens for children. Due to skin sensitivities we encourage you to try any new products at home first.


Sick Of It

ColdOk so I got your attention with the title didn’t I? Ha!  Anyway, someone sent me a great article from a mom who wrote an open letter to parents who send their sick children to school. I would love for you to read it. The article is by Meredith Gordon and can be found on

Here’s the article.

The reason I want to share this is because calling a parent about an ill child can be an issue for a day care provider. Understandably there is frustration about having to leave work to pick up a sick child and unfortunately the caller gets the brunt of that aggravation. Having said this, it was good to see the opinion of a mom on this topic. It reminds me of an occasion I went to a store and the mom who worked there had her two children with her. I asked if there was a special occasion and she simply responded with, ” no I kept them out of preschool because there are several sick children at school and I don’t want mine catching anything since we have vacation plans.” Hmmmmm……keeping the healthy ones home?

Anyway, when enrolling your child in a facility be sure to ask what their specific sick policy is. Also inquire as to what preventative measures they take to control the spread of illness. With a little cooperation from everyone there could definitely be less sick days.


Happy Mother’s Day!

DSC01517Just wanted to share a nice story with you today. Many years ago, a mom at our preschool came in just before Mother’s Day with some gifts for all the teachers. And with a tear in her eye she said ” I want to wish ALL of you a Happy Mother’s Day because you take care of my son while I have to work. And for that I am most grateful.”

Needless to say we all had tears in our eyes, it was just so special and we will always hold that memory. Talk about a wonderful moment. It’s one of those times when a caregiver will say to themselves, “this is why I do this and what I do matters.”



Just Thought I’d Share

Sometimes I come across articles that I really like and want to pass them on. Here’s one on parenting that everyone should read.

This is from Mike Leary of The Fatherly Forum. Click here for the article.

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