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No, David!

Sometimes a parent will ask if there is a certain book their child really enjoys. Well, just about everyday I will hear, “Can you read No, David!?” Kids just love this book and so do I! I have to keep buying new copies because they get so worn out.

Author and artist David Shannon (website) has written several children’s books with” No, David” being an absolute favorite. Mr. Shannon says when he was five he wrote a semi autobiographical story of a little kid who broke all his mother’s rules. As a result, all David ever heard his mother say was, “No David!”  The children also take delight in hearing, “David Goes to School”, “David Gets in Trouble”, and “It’s Christmas David”. Yes, he is told he will receive a lump of coal if he doesn’t behave. Ha!!

I really think children enjoy these books because they recognize a bit of themselves in David. They love to laugh at David’s antics. As a lesson, we talk about what David did wrong and what he could have done differently.

These books are great for kids 2 and up. The illustrations are wonderful and very appealing. Children love David and ask to hear the stories over and over again!




Children love to play with slime!  But, you must make sure they don’t put it in their mouths since it is typically made with glue.

I came across this recipe using PEEPS that I want to share.  You may have some of these marshmallow colored candy chicks left over from Easter, and it is on sale right now!  Using PEEPS, you can make a fun and safe slime for the kids to play with.  However, since it’s made of candy, it will only last a day before breaking down.  Have fun!


You Will Need:

PEEPS (sleeve of 5 – for each color you want to make)


Vegetable Oil




  1. Choose one color of PEEPS at a time, then break apart 5 chicks and put them in a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Add 1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil to the bowl of PEEPS.
  3. Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  4. Remove the bowl from the microwave. The PEEPS will vary in temperature from warm to hot, so an adult must do the next step.
  5. Add a Tablespoon of Cornstarch, at a time, and then knead it into the softened PEEPS.
  6. For each colored batch of PEEP Slime, you will need approximately (3 Tablespoons) of Cornstarch. But, remember to knead each Tablespoon of Cornstarch into the mixture well before adding any more cornstarch.


Simply Success!

The word “success” holds a different meaning for everyone. I was just thinking about this a few weeks ago as I was going about my day at the preschool. First I observed a four year old who noticed his classmate was sad when her dad left. I could see he wanted to do something to make her feel better so he went to the shelf and found a framed picture of her family and handed it to her. I thought Wow! How much better does it get? He has learned compassion!

A short time later, a two year old approached me holding a small basketball and was gleefully saying, ” I can get it in the basket! Come on! Look!” He had learned that by trying over and over he could accomplish something which in turn made him feel proud.

Toward the end of my day I happen to be passing through the one year old room when I heard a little voice say ” Hi Jackie!” It was the first time he had ever said my name. What a great feeling! He was well on his way to learning how to talk.

These are just some of the amazing things I get to see everyday working with children. These simply small and wonderful successes that lead to bigger success as they grow and learn. THAT my friends is what it is truly all about!

Good Scents

A dad, Eli Spector, posted a video to YouTube to show other parents how he got his son to stop crying, and since then it has gone viral.  I love this video!  It demonstrates what Jackie Rioux and I wrote in our book, Dear Daycare Parent: A Must Have Guide To Daycare For The Working Parents; that it’s very important to have things available in the daycare to help your child bridge the gap from when they are sad or upset and need something to comfort them, preferably something from home.  We often ask the parents to bring in things such as: a family photo, a special blanket, a stuffed animal, and “yes”, even some piece of clothing that has your scent on it.  This video could not have demonstrated the importance of a piece of clothes any better than what we wrote in our book.

See the video on YouTube.


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